Operational Efficiencies
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"FleetView® gives us a degree of control over our assets and cargo that we never would have thought achievable."

Dan Eggleton, CFO, Raider Express, Inc.

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» Improve Customer Service
Ensure timely arrivals and respond quickly to customer questions
» Ensure Load Temperature Quality
Receive warnings when temperature is out of range and act immediately
» Increase Fleet Efficiency
Manage trailer pools and dormancy with exception reporting
» Reduce Wasted Miles
Capture off-route activity
» Reduce Fuel Expense
Monitor and manage reefer operating hours
» Prove Load Temperature Quality
Reefer logs show temperature and set point for duration of load cycle

Raider Express wanted more control over its 150 reefers which are dispersed all over the United States on any given day. From temperature-sensitive to time-critical loads, it was imperative to Raider to provide the best possible service to its customers. Mike Eggleton, the company’s founder and president, demands that every Raider Express employee focus on the individual responsible for Raider’s success, the customer. Eggleton elaborates, “We owe our significant growth and overall success over the past six years to our pursuit of providing exceptional service, before, during and after the job is complete.”

When Terion contacted Mr. Eggleton with the request to become a beta test customer for its new reefer monitoring capability, Mike immediately agreed. He had looked at other reefer tracking and monitoring systems in the past and had been disappointed by either the cost of the system, the lack of critical functionality, or both. He felt that Terion deserved a shot.

Terion units were installed and the Raider dispatch group was trained. It was only a matter of days before Raider benefited. A battery voltage alarm was sent to the dispatcher’s cell phone indicating that the battery voltage was low. The dispatcher immediately called the driver, who had the reefer checked out and determined that the alternator had failed. Based on the early warning provided by the FleetView system, a customer’s load was saved!

Raider Express experienced several benefits throughout the test, which are summarized in the table at right. A few key benefits are detailed below.

Document Load Temperature Throughout the Load Cycle
The only thing worse than delivering a spoiled load is not being able to determine the cause. FleetView 3R with Reefer Monitoring generates a downloadable reefer log that documents the reefer temperature throughout the load cycle to confirm temperature quality. Eggleton adds, “If a customer questions the temperature range of their cargo throughout its journey, the reefer log provides remote access to the information proving that we provided the proper environment for the load.”

Improved Trailer Utilization and Pool Management
Raider Express was impressed with Terion’s management reporting capability. FleetView’s Utilization and Dormancy reports allow Raider to more efficiently deploy their trailers to create less idle time and more revenue miles. In addition, Raider now has full visibility to “out of route” miles to ensure that trailer efficiency is maximized while minimizing fuel expense.

The Bottom-Line
FleetView 3R with Reefer Monitoring exceeded Raider Express’s expectations. “Within a few weeks of our test, we were convinced that the tracking and monitoring capabilities of the FleetView system would pay back our investment in the product quickly, and at the same time, ensure that we better deliver on our commitment to customer service,” concluded Dan Eggleton.

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